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How PGS with NGS is Utilized

The chances of IVF success are improved.

Vy and Kyle B: A preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) patient success story - Illumina Video

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References Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Org Website Accessed March 11, Comprehensive chromosome screening is highly predictive of the reproductive potential of human embryos: a prospective, blinded, nonselection study. Fertil Steril. Array CGH analysis shows that aneuploidy is not related to the number of embryos generated.

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Reprod Biomed Online. Diminished effect of maternal age on implantation after preimplantation genetic diagnosis with array comparative genomic hybridization. Mol Cytogenet 5: In vitro fertilization with single euploid blastocyst transfer: a randomized controlled trial.

What is PGS?

Single thawed euploid embryo transfer improves IVF pregnancy, miscarriage, and multiple gestation outcomes and has similar implantation rates as egg donation. J Assist Reprod Genet. Please select a location Locations Barthelemy St.

Bringing Literature to Life

Croix St. John St. As Ms. We feel more confident in communicating what we do and we now possess the technical skills to do intensive farming, manage pests and diseases, produce off-season vegetables and make production plans.

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Motivated by the early success of the small pilot production area, 7 new farmers joined the Collaborative Group which was previously composed of 19 vegetables farmers. The Group is now divided into four subgroups, compared to two previously. The two pre-existing subgroups have already obtained PGS certification for organic vegetables, while the two new groups are still in the conversion phase.

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Coached by more experienced farmers, they hope to obtain PGS certification within a year and to be able to sell their organic vegetables to Hanoi-based buyers. The production area also expanded from 1 to 3 hectares in the space of one year. In addition, thanks to the use of organic methods, farmers are now working in a safe, chemical-free environment, which is ultimately improving their health.

Trac Van farmers are making their own organic fertilisers and herbal pesticides, and use manual weeding methods, thus avoiding the negative health and environmental impact of toxic agrochemicals. When needed, they buy natural manure from a neighbouring chicken farm.

Ramform | Revolutionizing delta-hull seismic vessel design | PGS

The Trac Van Collaborative Group is now well-known among stakeholders in the area. Additional project activities focused on raising awareness on the trustworthiness of PGS-certified organic vegetables and promoting PGS to consumers, retailers and government departments across Ha Nam province. The Collaborative Group has attracted the attention of local authorities such as the Ha Nam Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development that offered to connect the farmers with more buyers in the province.

The provincial Quality Assurance Department also committed to help the Group send its vegetables for lab testing and assist them to obtain the provincial food safety certificate required to supply institutional buyers such as hotels and large companies. In the near future, they hope to increase the production area first to 5 hectares, then to 10 hectares, and to attract even more farmers to the Group.

The PGS Story The PGS Story
The PGS Story The PGS Story
The PGS Story The PGS Story
The PGS Story The PGS Story
The PGS Story The PGS Story
The PGS Story The PGS Story

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