The Magic of Windlier Wood (The Adventures of Newert)

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Working with eyes red from lack of sleep, stomachs upset from irregular eating periods, bodies fatigued from lack of rest, the number of planes they kept in the air and the small number of abortions due to mechanical failure is proof of the magnificent job they did. It has been referred to as a magnificent gamble. This is no gamble. If it is we had better quit now. This must be a transaction. We have paid the full price with lives, pre-aged youth, and great sorrow.

We who live on must now carry on and finish the task that they so magnificently have started. We must obtain full value for their sacrifice in peace, security, justice, and freedom. From Tamela Buhrke There is nothing like connecting with a fellow writer when you are stuck or need someone to bounce an idea off. Here are a few online critique sites: CritiquCircle. That is the power of networking. Labels: agents , book marketing , editors , networking , Tamela Buhrke. By the ever opinionated E. Out of all the misconceptions that a writer will encounter, this one, I think, is the most damaging.

As my cartoon segued, in , a film about an archaeologist racing against Nazis to find the Ark of the Covenant hit the theaters to become a smash hit and beloved classic. Yes, George Lucas based Indy on the rugged heroes from s matinee serials, but no one had ever used an artifact hunter and a religious treasure. It had NOT been done. Need something more recent?

8 Matches for Newert

How about a wrongfully imprisoned journalist and a young tattooed and pierced detective with an attitude committed to finding the truth? Lisbeth Salander was a new kind of character, perfect for our growing counterculture in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. True, common elements can be found between two masterpieces.


Stories rely on formulas to heighten tension and pique our interest. And one cannot be in the arts or even associated with it and surrender the creative frontier.

By Pat Stoltey The truth is, you can't learn everything there is to know about queries. Agents have their own ideas about what makes a great query letter, and those ideas vary according to the agent's personal and literary preferences.

See a Problem?

Published authors give conflicting advice because what worked for one didn't necessarily work for the next. One thing I spotted last week made great sense, however.

Don't advertise your query process in articles, blog posts, or newsletters. These two posts are very short and worth your attention. Here is a list of great resources, most of them from Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents Blog and if you don't already subscribe to Chuck's GLA newsletter, you're missing a lot of good information because that's where I spotted the links listed below.

Time for some silliness!

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Or creative seriousness! It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we'll provide the picture if you'll provide the words! What came to mind when you saw this picture? Write a caption, log line, or flash fiction. Write the first paragraph of a short story or novel. Please share as a comment! Janet Fogg. Labels: Caption Crazy , Janet Fogg. Here is a sample of the types online communities that connect writers: WritersCafe.

You can connect with other young writers, upload stories and poetry then get feedback. You can post part or all of your manuscript and let the community give you reviews and feedback. They also plan to add self-publishing services. They approach the topics of writing from a woman's perspective. However, men are free to join. Labels: Board of Directers , book marketing , social networking , Tamela Buhrke.

Interview conducted via e-mail by Pat Stoltey. Responsible for using her fine-tooth comb on many of the mystery manuscripts including both of mine submitted to Five Star Publishing , a Division of Cengage , Deni is an experienced professional who teaches her clients as she edits their work. We'll keep our fingers crossed for Deni: Writing came first. Deni: I line edit for both. Authors are often surprised by how much editing I do. CIR: Based on your own observations, what are the top three mistakes made by beginning writers? If a writer simply tells me about a character, I feel no emotional connection.

Third would be overuse of a word. You cannot laugh and talk at the same time.

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Try it. Nor can you smile, grin or my favorite explode your words. Nor do I like animal tags: growled, brayed, chirped, etc.

The Magic of Windlier Wood (The Adventures of Newert) The Magic of Windlier Wood (The Adventures of Newert)
The Magic of Windlier Wood (The Adventures of Newert) The Magic of Windlier Wood (The Adventures of Newert)
The Magic of Windlier Wood (The Adventures of Newert) The Magic of Windlier Wood (The Adventures of Newert)
The Magic of Windlier Wood (The Adventures of Newert)
The Magic of Windlier Wood (The Adventures of Newert)
The Magic of Windlier Wood (The Adventures of Newert)
The Magic of Windlier Wood (The Adventures of Newert)
The Magic of Windlier Wood (The Adventures of Newert)
The Magic of Windlier Wood (The Adventures of Newert)

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