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These are to name just a few. Jennifer attends several conferences each year. She spends most of her free time You can find out more about Jennifer and her clients on her website. Middle grade is her soft spot and she's open to all genres in this category — literary, commercial, magical, fantastical, historical, contemporary, and everything in between.

As for YA, Jennifer is drawn to stories that shed a unique light on the adolescent experience; funny, wistful, or cringe-worthy romance; and fantasy and urban fantasy with exceptionally developed worlds. In picture books, she likes funny, character-driven projects; beautifully imagined and written stories; and milestone moments with a twist. Overall, she seeks rich characters, masterful writing, distinct voices and perspectives, and stories that transport the reader.

Jennifer especially enjoys representing illustrators and author-illustrators, and is always seeking new illustrators with strong, artistic voices. Kelly spent over ten years in her childhood in Singapore. She can be found talking about children's books and being gluten free on Facebook agentsonnack and Twitter KSonnack.

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She's seeking manuscripts that stay with her. This could mean the sweet intensity of an "I love you" picture book, or the shocked intensity of a YA that explores an essential part of the teen experience in a way she's never considered. Unique viewpoints and new takes on perennial topics interest her. In the younger genres, she looks for the hook that will make a book a must-have parenting or educational resource. Pyle and Scott Cunningham.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

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In longer fiction, her interests are wide-ranging, but she always has a soft spot for middle grade about resilient kids sorting out the messiness of life. The most dogeared books in her childhood library tended to be fantasy adventures, survival stories, and sprawling, atmospheric tales with Dickensian twists and satisfying puzzles. She gravitates to all of the above, but contemporary realistic fiction can work for her too, especially if it's voice-driven and carefully structured.

In all categories, she is especially delighted to see queries in her inbox from kid-lit creators underrepresented in mainstream publishing. Artists she represents include Geisel Honor winning author-illustrator Paul Meisel, who has illustrated or written a total of more than 70 books for young readers; J. She is also in the midst of a personal mission to read through the oeuvre of Anthony Trollope.

Follow her on Twitter jannmatt. She represents writers and illustrators for picture books both fiction and nonfiction , middle grade, and YA.

He raises Sophie's spirits by giving her an empty shoe box to get her to try running barefoot at her next competition, and even though she loses again, she still finds pride in her achievement. Finally, he receives a gun in the mail and kidnaps the rapist before threatening to kill him for his crimes. After finishing the Ace of Diamonds, two masked men break into his house, beat him up, and leave him a congratulatory letter as well as an Ace of Clubs with a vague clue.

The next day Ed reveals to Audrey that he only forced the rapist to leave the city, before telling her that he wishes the two of them could be together, but Audrey refuses. Eventually, Ed picks up a man in his cab who tells him to drive to the river before leading Ed on a chase to a rock formation on which three names are written. The first is Thomas O'Reilly, a pastor in a run-down area of the city with a dwindling congregation; Ed helps him by organizing and advertising for a party with free beer in order to encourage everyone to come on Sunday.

The next, Angie Carusso, is a single mother who Ed witnesses buying ice cream for her children, and he buys her one as well to show that she is appreciated. Finally, Gavin Rose is a young boy who constantly fights his brother, so Ed beats up Gavin in order to encourage the brother to take revenge, which they do one night by assaulting Ed and cementing their brotherhood. After participating in a yearly football game, Ed's dog is stolen and he has to buy it back from a boy, who also gives him the Ace of Spades, on which are three names of famous authors.

After trying to kiss Audrey one day and being gently rejected again, he goes to the library and eventually realizes that the street names come from parts of the title, with notes written on certain page numbers for specific addresses. The first, Glory Road, has Lua Tatupu, whose family has decorated their home for Christmas with strings of broken lights, so Ed buys new ones for them and sets them up himself. On Clown Street, Ed runs into his mother on a date, and he eventually drives to her house and confronts her about her disdain for him before reconciling.

Finally, on Bell Street he meets an old man named Bernie Price who runs an antiquated theater. Ed brings Audrey there to watch Cool Hand Luke and invites Bernie to watch it with them, but eventually the screen cuts to videos of Ed performing his tasks so far. Ed finds the Ace of Hearts on his seat in the theater, on which is written three movie titles.

After consulting with Bernie, he realizes that they are references to his three friends Ritchie, Marv, and Audrey. He talks to Ritchie late one night and the two stand in a river for an hour, as Ed encourages him to search for something he cares about. Afterwards, Ed, confused by Marv's stinginess, asks him for a loan as a ploy, causing Marv to reveal that he has been saving money to care for a child he had with a girl named Suzanne Boyd who moved away after she became pregnant years ago.

So many people were, and with good reason. Matty frowned. He didn't know what the blind man meant. Was he saying that fear was an illusion? Or that Forest was? He glanced over. The blind man was rubbing the polished wooden side of his instrument with a soft cloth. His thoughts had turned to the smooth wood, though he couldn't see the golden maple with its curly grain. Maybe, Matty thought, everything was an illusion to a man who had lost his eyes. Matty lengthened the wick and checked the lamp to be certain there was oil. Then he struck a match. He moved his fingers on the strings, listening for the tone.

Carefully, as he did most evenings, he tuned the instrument. He could hear variations in sounds that seemed to the boy to be all the same. Matty stood in the doorway for a moment, watching.

The Passing Bells: A Novel

On the table, the lamp flickered. The man sat with his head tilted toward the window so that the summer early-evening light outlined the scars on his face. He listened, then turned a small screw on the back of the instrument's wooden neck, then listened again.

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Now he was concentrating on the sounds, and had forgotten the boy. Matty slipped away. Heading for the path that entered Forest at the edge of Village, Matty went by a roundabout way so that he could pass the home of the schoolteacher, a goodhearted man with a deep red stain that covered half of his face. Birthmark, it was called. When Matty was new to Village, he had sometimes found himself staring at the man because he had never known anyone before with such a mark.

The Bell Messenger: A Novel - Robert Cornuke - Google книги

Where Matty had come from, flaws like that were not allowed. People were put to death for less.

But here in Village, marks and failings were not considered flaws at all. They were valued. The blind man had been given the true name Seer and was respected for the special vision that he had behind his ruined eyes. The schoolteacher, though his true name was Mentor, was sometimes affectionately called "Rosy" by the children because of the crimson birthmark that spread across his face. Children loved him. He was a wise and patient teacher. Matty, just a boy when he first came here to live with the blind man, had attended school full time for a while, and still went for added learning on winter afternoons.

Mentor had been the one who taught him to sit still, to listen, and eventually to read. He passed by the schoolteacher's house not to see Mentor, or to admire the lavish flower garden, but in hopes of seeing the schoolteacher's pretty daughter, who was named Jean and who had recently teased Matty with the promise of a kiss.

Often she was in the garden, weeding, in the evenings. But tonight there was no sign of her, or her father. Matty saw a fat spotted dog sleeping on the porch, but it appeared that no one was at home.

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Just as well, he thought. Jean would have delayed him with her giggles and teasing promises-which always came to nothing, and Matty knew that she made them to all the boys-and he should not even have made the side trip in hopes of seeing her. He took a stick and drew a heart in the dirt on the path beside her garden.

The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1 The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1
The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1 The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1
The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1 The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1
The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1 The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1
The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1 The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1
The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1 The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1
The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1 The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1
The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1 The Bell Messenger: A Novel: 1

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