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What factors can lead a company to stand by the endorser? Some are specific to the firm. These decisions are also relationship-driven: Although there are contracts in place, friendships develop too. That slowed the process.

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Have any companies been particularly adept in their responses? Many firms handled the Tiger Woods scandal well. That made sense—their businesses are unrelated to golf, so it was easy for them to run different ads. Has social media changed things?

Take Kevin Hart: He lost the chance to host the Oscars because of homophobic tweets he sent several years ago. The best approach is to invest in the selection process and then draw up a contract with a very strong morals clause and the ability to exit quickly if necessary.

The researchers began by examining news databases for examples of publicly traded U. This yielded incidents involving companies. Nike experienced the most incidents— Despite the year time frame, half the incidents occurred from to , suggesting that the pace of celebrity scandals has accelerated. Some firms responded differently to the same incident. For example, after a photo of the swimmer Michael Phelps smoking marijuana went viral, Visa publicly supported him, Kellogg let his contract expire, and some other companies stayed silent.

Next the researchers explored factors that might affect public reaction to celebrity misbehavior, finding four that played a significant role. First, does the celebrity really deserve to be blamed? Someone who commits domestic violence, say, is more clearly culpable than someone whose nude photos were circulated because his or her computer was hacked; in fact, the latter person might be seen as more a victim than an offender.

Finally, has the celebrity made a public apology? Prosecutors in the case pushed back against the sympathetic story line. Semprevivo belonged to a particularly culpable group of parents who involved their children in the scam, prosecutors wrote. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. California businessman Stephen Semprevivo departs federal court May 7 in Boston. Joel Rubin. Retrieved December 24, December 31, Retrieved December 31, Retrieved January 28, Retrieved April 29, Hidden categories: CS1 errors: deprecated parameters Articles with short description.

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DVD cover. List of Scandal episodes. Meanwhile, Cyrus and First Lady Mellie put President Grant in a compromising position during a live television interview and a Rhode Island Congressman requires Olivia's help to fix his sex scandal. Olivia has to deal with the ramifications of a court case's jaw dropping verdict, and Abby continues to press Olivia for answers. However, Fitz becomes agitated when he realizes that his team is trying to force him to make hard decisions about foreign policy, so he seeks Olivia's help by calling her.

Olivia watches Kimberly Mitchell's talk show discuss President Grant's decision on whether or not to go to war with Libya over photo-shopped photos of dead Sudanese children.

Scandal! S17 Ep 3397

Olivia sees Senator Edison Davis on the talk show and calls him to tell him that his tie is distracting on screen. He is glad to hear from her, considering it's been three years. When Olivia gets into her car a government official, named Artie Hornbacker, claims that the government is using a new technology called "Thorngate" to spy on U.

He claims he knows about her late-night phone calls to the West Wing. Artie explains that while he was doing data entry he noticed some descrepencies leading to his discovery, and subsequently stealing, of "Thorngate" from the NSA.

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Abby, Harrison, and Quinn look into Artie and become convinced he's crazy. They get "Thorngate" up and running and Artie reveals that he told someone else about "Thorngate. Cyrus informs Fitz that "Thorngate" has been stolen and Olivia is representing Artie. He tells Fitz that he is a ticking time bomb, faking being happy since Olivia won't return his phone calls. Fitz finds out that Olivia's former fiancee Edison is back in her life when a secret service agent gives him photos as proof.

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Fitz goes duck hunting with Hollis Doyle. Fitz summons Olivia to join him hunting where he reveals to her he that knows about Edison. They kiss against a tree, ignoring Tom and Hal standing a few feet away, but afterwards Olivia claims their relationship is over. When Fitz returns home Mellie tells him that if he sees Olivia again he won't be re-elected. Olivia picks Kimberly Mitchell to do an interview with Artie.

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Fitz puts an injunction against the network, making it treason for anyone to go through with the interview, but Olivia gets them to do it anyway. Artie escapes from Huck's house with the recently decrypted "Thorngate. Fitz realizes that Cyrus used "Thorngate" on him; that's how he knew that Olivia wasn't taking his calls. Huck finds Artie and greets him with a toolbox.

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Edison declares himself a client of OPA. David and Abby have sex. Huck vows that his torture issues are under control. Mark Fish. Olivia and the team are on the case of a missing college student. They soon discover that the missing girl had been sleeping with senators and writing about the sex on a site called "Beltway Unbuckled".

The team discovers she was murdered and identifies her killer, leading to a fight with the White House over diplomatic immunity. Abby and David's relationship continues to blossom, as President Grant and Mellie's relationship continues to flounder. Olivia and Fitz meet for dinner where Fitz ends their relationship. David continues to dig deeper into the Cytron investigation. The people involved in the Cytron incident try to figure out how to keep David from uncovering the truth.

How the Ukraine Scandal Looks in Ukraine

Huck agrees to go on a date with someone he met at AA. Olivia continues to fight her attraction to Edison. Olivia and the team work on the case of a governor who murdered a man who was allegedly raping his wife. Cyrus becomes worried when his husband, James, goes back to work as a journalist after Cyrus tells him that they can't have a baby. Olivia finds out about Abby and David's relationship. Bethany Rooney.

When Scandal Engulfs a Celebrity Endorser

Chris Van Dusen. Abby and Harrison try to convince Olivia to give one of them Stephen's office. Cyrus is furious at James for writing an article that will lead to Cyrus as the anonymous source.

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