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Lesson plans for using the Writing With Writers student activity to improve student writing skills in eight genres: biography, descriptive, folktale, mystery, myth, news, poetry, speech, and book review writing. Students work together and learn about one other as they conduct interviews and create biographical posters of themselves.

Demonstrates science lessons about owls and raptors. These lessons incorporate reading, hands-on research, and cooperative problem solving, and culminate with a field trip and report. Presents an integrated approach to teaching colors while exposing students to literature. The unit plan also applies science, math, drama, art, and movement to learning about colors. Students will learn firsthand how Earthwatch teams study animals in their environment and work to preserve these endangered ecosystems.

Calm children's nerves on the first day of kindergarten with these self-esteem building exercises that center on sharing feelings, identifying their unique traits, and learning about the five senses. Introduces a unit focused on improving reading comprehension through the use of several effective reading habits and strategies, such as text coding and note taking. Lesson plans, activities, and other resources to help you teach about and reflect upon the Holocaust. Students use story starters and historical fiction journal writing as a background.

The interactive elements of the Charlotte's Web Flashlight Readers activity and the lessons in this teaching guide build and reinforce readers' vocabulary and comprehension skills. Includes vocabulary activities for two commonly taught short stories The Gift of the Magi and The Interlopers, which can be adapted to any short story to help identify and understand irony and conflict and to use fiction for increasing student vocabulary.

Students will read excerpts from memoirs written by Gary Paulsen as examples of how to write a narrative piece. Expose your students to biographies of inspiring historical figures who have triumphed against difficult odds. This unit is packed with enriching interactive activities. Geometry teaching gets three-dimensional with physical movement, songs, and cross-curricular connections in geography. Teaching geometry has never been so much fun! Share these self-esteem building exercises with your students.

They involve writing personal narratives and forming peer conference groups, ultimately fostering a sense of community among classmates.

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With a hands-on approach, grow your students' knowledge of plants, from plant structure to life cycle to oxygen production. After viewing and discussing videos of contemporary poets, including Naomi Shihab Nye and Arthur Sze, sharing their poetry, students create and perform their own poems. Students will become active participants in a classroom reading community.

They will learn the importance of sharing their interests in literature with others, and they will realize the social aspect of reading.


Students examine soil, create a prism, and make their own landforms in this environmental unit plan about geology, landforms, and the atmosphere. In this unit, your students will engage in creative ways to respond to literature, including writing their own presentation, while using important reading skills. Engage your new students in sharing about themselves, their families, and their summer vacations through a variety of learning activities. Students build their knowledge of plot, character, setting, and theme as well as the writing process by participating in activities related to the book Because of Winn-Dixie.

The beginning of the school year is the ideal time to discuss the term "community" and what it means to be a responsible citizen. This unit plan has students act as journalists and write a news story about the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, Students draw inspiration to discuss, research, and write about important issues from Carl Hiassen's book Hoot.

They also pay special attention to plot elements and incoporate them into their own writing. Students learn about the genres of myths, folktales, and fairy tales through participation in a variety of online activities. An innovative unit plan for studying Amelia Earhart and practicing the step-by-step expository writing process.

Teach your students all about teeth and use this unit as a guide.

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Students also discuss their experiences at the dentist. Children learn the fascinating characteristics and behaviors of animals all over the planet with this interactive, comparative unit plan. This unit combines current events with traditional math skills, and uses open-ended math questions for constructed response, challenging students' writing and problem solving skills.

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In this lesson unit on ancient Greece, students compare three myths and create their own original myth. Lesson plans and additional resources for using the "Writing With Scientists" student activity in the classroom. This integrated curriculum unit helps students better understand the importance of good nutrition. This unit teaches students concepts of rhyme, measurement, graphing, and comparison through exploration of classic nursery rhymes. Since students are more engaged in the content being taught when it is related to their own lives, this unit makes connections between typical teen issues and essential writing skills, the rules of subject-verb agreement.

Musical Genres and Instruments Lesson Plan: Learning and Making Music

Students brainstorm the evolution of communication, explore folktales and their elements, and study and create cryptology secret codes. Use this graphing unit to develop students' math skills as they discover the characteristics that make them unique and the traits they share with classmates. Let your students share stories about their own unique families with an underlying theme of all families, whether traditional or not, as loving and caring ensembles.

Students study how humans impact dolphins and sea turtles with the Ocean Life student activity. Presents a lesson unit that introduces students to researching, writing, and performing organized and engaging oral presentations. Students explore simple machines through research, then apply knowledge to complete a model and brainstorm applications for simple machines in a new invention. Students interview relatives about their heritage, make a family tree, and map their ancestors' migration in this lesson unit on America's cultural diversity.

Students utilize math and language arts skills as they plan a presidential campaign for a fictional character. Presents organized steps to providing thorough, hands-on lessons in literary analysis, including research, discussion, graphing, and writing. Introduce students to historical fiction, a tricky genre with fiction and nonfiction elements. A unit plan for teaching the "Lewis and Clark" student activity that explores Lewis and Clark's exciting journey west from to Students learn about weather and division by recording air temperatures, calculating averages, and building a glider to observe how far the wind will carry its weight.

Distinguish between elements of fiction and nonfiction through a comparative study and a writing workshop. Second graders experience the joy and richness of literature as their teacher introduces them to The Tale of Despereaux.

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Reviews and enhances student's understanding of literary elements in plays and asks them to write a script and play bill using those elements. Teach your students to use their five senses to learn about their local community, including their homes and neighborhoods. Students create three-dimensional clouds and label them with facts, diagrams of the water cycle, and vocabulary words.

Foster students'self-expression though journaling. Students use a graphic timeline, brainstorming sessions, and personal goal setting to prompt thoughtful journal entries in this 3-lesson unit plan. This is a unit that investigates things with shells. The students take an in-depth look at animals with shells and the different types of shells.

Why Teach Genres (and How)?

Students observe weather, build an operational weather station, collect and compare data, create an "extreme" weather forecast, and write first-person accounts of a storm. Older students research and write reports about extreme weather. In this unit, students explore various plotlines and cause-and-effect relationships from the book.

Encourages students to learn about ancient Japanese Samurai through reading, repsonding to, and writing haiku. With this unit plan, teach about the courage of our veterans and the freedoms granted by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Details a unique plan for teaching students about the varied aesthetic styles of well-known visual artists and illustrators.

This unit focuses on the censorship of music that may be considered offensive. Students have multiple opportunities to voice their opinions and view firsthand, the perspectives of others on the various forms of censorship. Use this exciting writing prompt to get kids to voice their opinion, and to provide a means of reading and writing assessment.

Students write brochures about themselves and brainstorm about class improvements. Martin, challenges students to create stories from a first- or third-person point of view, make plot decisions, and examine the author's writing process. Use these lesson plans to provide students with a strong foundation for reading, writing, and using nonfiction. A unit to help students understand the cycle of water, where water is sourced, and how it is used in our communities. Discuss the challenges of, and motivations for, exploration in this multi-dimensional unit plan.

These lessons can also incorporate scientific discovery and mapping. Break the ice and let your new students get to know their classmates through oral storytelling of their family histories. Students will become researchers and scientists as they learn about animal adaptations with owls. Challenge your students to shape the course of this unit by posing their own questions about prominent figures and events in the history of aviation.

This unit, designed to promote the study of racial integration, begins with learning about the true story of Ruby Bridges. Early readers practice important phonemic awareness and phonics skills as they actively listen to words read aloud. Online activities engage students in building storybooks, help students connect sounds to letters, and enhance students' reading vocabulary. Lesson plans and other resources on the growth and decomposition of pumpkins, pumpkins as a food source, and more!

Students will learn about the causes of animal extinction and more about the animals that are, and have been, affected by them. Tarry Linquist, a social studies columnist for Teacher magazine, offers a complete guide to teaching about elections and citizenship.

Students develop their own career portfolio as they practice writing resumes one for an author or character and one for themselves , complete job applications, and participate in mock interviews. Specific case studies will be examined closely through listening, analysis, and available ethnographic documentation.

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Study-unit Aims: By the end of the study-unit the student will be able to: a. Learning Outcomes: 1.

Musical Genres Unit Study Musical Genres Unit Study
Musical Genres Unit Study Musical Genres Unit Study
Musical Genres Unit Study Musical Genres Unit Study
Musical Genres Unit Study Musical Genres Unit Study
Musical Genres Unit Study Musical Genres Unit Study
Musical Genres Unit Study Musical Genres Unit Study
Musical Genres Unit Study Musical Genres Unit Study

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