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In Picard's ready room , Data and La Forge discuss the recent upgrade to the Enterprise 's neutrino counters which were completed ahead of schedule thanks to Wesley Crusher , who is due to leave the ship soon for the Academy. He will be admitted as a cadet as soon as he completes the oral portion of the exam. Picard then dismisses everyone except Riker. Later, when Deanna and Riker are visiting on Betazed, they revisit a place they visited often, when Riker was stationed on Betazed.

When they briefly kiss, however, Lwaxana interrupts. Deanna asks how she knew about this place and Lwaxana tells her that her father used to bring her there. Lwaxana has Mr. Homn lay out a picnic, and just after he leaves to pick some berries, DaiMon Tog beams down and attempts to persuade Lwaxana again, but is forced to kidnap all three of them by beaming them back to his ship and knocking them unconscious. When the three of them awaken, they are far away from their previous position, out of range of Riker's combadge , in a prison cell.

The art of the ménage à trois

Their guards are playing chess , including the Ferengi who played Riker earlier, Nibor. When their consciousness state is noticed, Tog transports Deanna and Lwaxana to a new compartment — without their clothes. The two notice that they are naked and are quite embarrassed when Farek and Tog enter. Farek regards them with revulsion, while Tog continues to flatter Lwaxana. She therefore plays along, believing she can control him. Taking nearby blankets to cover their naked bodies Lwaxana and Deanna hear Tog's "business proposition" of Lwaxana joining him to aid him in his dealings.

She asks that they talk alone, so Tog dismisses Farek and transports Deanna back to the cell. Tog shows her to a bedroom. On the Enterprise , Wesley has passed his written exam, and will go to Starfleet Academy to take his oral exam. He is concerned — upon observations of Data and La Forge — that, when he graduates, the Enterprise may not be here to serve on or Captain Picard may be gone.

Having heard that Lwaxana is in no immediate danger, Commander Riker attempts to use the chess game to gain an edge on the guard.

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He advises Nibor's moves, but he doesn't take the advice, soon losing. He then plays him from the cell for a bit. Lwaxana continues to engage Tog in conversation, flattering him. He soon wants to kiss her, and Deanna senses the intense discomfort. On the Enterprise , Picard is fascinated by the phenomenon.

From the nature of the nebula, communications are interrupted. It takes two days, but the Enterprise eventually completes its mission and leaves. Riker disengages from the game, tired of standing up, and talks his way out of the cell in order to play Nibor. He soon defeats the Ferengi, knocking him out shortly thereafter.

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He tries to contact the Enterprise. Unfortunately, the communications array requires Tog's access code. Meanwhile, Lwaxana is boring Tog with her past relationships. Tog stops her, and so Lwaxana starts to rub his ears instead. Tog explains she is performing oo-mox , to her surprise. Having communicated that she has him "purring like a kitten," Deanna responds that they need Tog's access code. When Lwaxana asks for Tog's access code, Farek arrives and stops him just in time from breaching ship's security. With the blackmail of being reported, the doctor persuades Tog to let him use mind probes on her so as to duplicate her telepathic powers.

Who's who in British History: A-H. Marx: A complete introduction. New York: Parkstone Press Ltd. New York, N. Nietzsche: The Man and His Philosophy. Cambridge University Press. A Child's Delight. University Press of New England.

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