Handbook of Industrial Membranes

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This landmark event is generally considered the birth of modern membrane separations technology. Originally termed the "surface skimming" of sea water or brackish water for the production of pure water by a non-thermal energy-efficient method, it led to a vast array of applications unmatched by any other processing technique in its variety and versatility. Desalination and water treatment by reverse osmosis is probably the earliest and best known application.

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The decade of the s saw increasing usage in the chemical process industries paint, textiles, oil recovery, pulp and paper and in the s, it was the food and biotechnology industries that benefited most from membrane technology, particularly ultrafiltration UF. With the development and maturation of sister processes microfiltration MF and nanofiltration NF , the applicability of membrane technology widened considerably in the s, especially for water treatment for potable, industrial, semiconductor and biotechnology uses and in waste treatment in the form of membrane bioreactors.

Today, it is difficult to imagine a liquid phase process that would not benefit from one or more of the many membrane technologies. Cheryan, M.

Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration Handbook. Reid, C.

Ion-exchange membranes

Water and ion flow across cellulose acetate membranes. Polymer Sci.

Handbook of Industrial Membranes, 2nd, 1995 @ +6285.72000.7587 Bukupedia, Keith Scott-Elsevier

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Handbook of Industrial Membranes

About this book Membrane science and technology is an expanding field and has become a prominent part of many activities within the process industries. Show all. Table of contents 9 chapters Table of contents 9 chapters Introduction to industrial membrane processes Pages Scott, K.

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  4. Overview of the application of synthetic membrane processes Pages Scott, K. Membrane equipment and plant design Pages Merry, A. Mass transport and the design of membrane systems Pages Field, R. Applications in gas and vapour phase separations Pages Hughes, R.

    separation by membranes - different geometries compared - Degremont®

    Applications of cross-flow membrane processes Pages Gallagher, P. Ion-exchange and charge driven processes Pages Scott, K. Liquid membranes Pages Hughes, R. Membrane Reactors Pages Hughes, R.

    Handbook of industrial membranes published

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    Handbook of Industrial Membranes Handbook of Industrial Membranes
    Handbook of Industrial Membranes Handbook of Industrial Membranes
    Handbook of Industrial Membranes Handbook of Industrial Membranes
    Handbook of Industrial Membranes Handbook of Industrial Membranes
    Handbook of Industrial Membranes Handbook of Industrial Membranes

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