Fugitive Recovery in Indiana

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Step 1: Determine Eligibility in Indiana

Scott I am in Michigan and interested in Fugitive Recovery and was wondering if you knew of someone or if Kathy might know someone in Michigan that i might contact or have them contact me who is interested in taking on an apprentice. I have severals yrs experince in surveillance and I have worked for child support court as an process server and would like the help. I also am a executive protection perfessional.

Willing to learn from the best. It has members that are very knowledgeable in their local area and can assist with recoveries nationwide. In this business, putting hand cuffs on someone is not always required, as exonerating the bondsman is your main focus. Often, this can be accomplished through court motions supported by investigation based evidence as well as other means.

Fugitive Recovery

Mitigating liability is the key to gaining a reputation and garnering more business. Too bad more bond companies don't ask for emails on their forms.


I could never do that kind of work full time out of the bail bonds office. I worked out of one a few hours a week on a guy that skipped on k bail. Too many shady people coming and going. I was in contact with the guys friends and neighbors and family and they were all ratting him out for a few bucks. Need Help with an Investigation?

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Indiana Fugitive Recovery Bail Enforcement Bounty Hunter Laws

Visit my forum site for more, information;. Hey Steve, I am in South Carolina and ready to do more with the bail enforcement end of the business. Thanks for your time, Todd Hunter. Todd,that sounds like that could be interesting.

Very nice article. Hello, Steve i'm a licensed Bail Enforcement Agent in Colorado and have been for several years, up until a few years ago anyone could arrest anybody for the bondsman with thier permission in Colorado and since they passed the restrictions for a license it has cleaned up the bus. Originally Posted by Andrew Shiverdecker. There are bad apples in every field, just be careful and know what you are doing.

Bounty Hunting in Wisconsin I know that Bounty Hunting in Wisconsin can land your butt in jail if you just kick in doors and hope that you don't shoot the wrong person. South Carolina Bail Enforcement I have recently spoke with a former law enforcement officer and local Bail bondsman about this career. Todd Hunter. I have just completed my required training to become a "Fugitive Recovery Person" here in California. Originally Posted by Allen Walters. No licensing in CO. Originally Posted by Kathy Blackshear. Hi Kathy, I've been of-line for a while with computer issues and I just got it back from the shop seems to be ok so far so i'm keeping my fingers crossed,anyway as far as colorado goes for bail enforcement if you didn't write the bond you are required to get cert.

Hey give me a shout when you get time knowledge is power, right.

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Re: Private Investigators in Fugitive Recovery Kathy Blackshear is one of the most respected Bail Enforcement Agents in the country, she is also a Bail Bondsperson and an accountant for those that need taxes done We do not kick in doors, fugitives don't answer doors but their kids will go to the door.

Bounty Hunter Provisions. Recovery agents must be licensed.


Recovery agents must notify the sheriff in their respective locales of residence [IC ], and bail agents must give the state a list of recovery agents they employ [IC ]. Bail agents and bounty hunters cannot forcibly enter the home of a third party. Please adjust your search criteria and try again. Applicable State Statutes.

Bail Enforcement & Fugitive Recovery Badges

IC to Licenses can only be issued to individuals [ b 2 ] not to a firm, corporation, or association [ c ]. Applicant must meet the following requirements: — at least 18 and of good moral character [ a 1 ], -never convicted of a disqualifying offense as set out in [IC Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments.

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Fugitive Recovery in Indiana Fugitive Recovery in Indiana
Fugitive Recovery in Indiana Fugitive Recovery in Indiana
Fugitive Recovery in Indiana Fugitive Recovery in Indiana
Fugitive Recovery in Indiana Fugitive Recovery in Indiana
Fugitive Recovery in Indiana Fugitive Recovery in Indiana
Fugitive Recovery in Indiana Fugitive Recovery in Indiana
Fugitive Recovery in Indiana Fugitive Recovery in Indiana
Fugitive Recovery in Indiana Fugitive Recovery in Indiana
Fugitive Recovery in Indiana Fugitive Recovery in Indiana

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