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It looks like Molong is finding its way back to the traditional main street mix which once existed for a number of decades and survived. In these times long drought - Molong is looking good Not many other same size rural towns are looking as positive. Talk to Sue Wild and her friendly team at the Molong Pharmacy for further information about Osteoporosis. The residents of Molong and Cabonne realise how fortunate they are in having the team - led by the hardworking Dr. Robin Williams and Dr. Adrian Zambo - in place in a building, and practice - offering a wide range of allied health services.

From the ladies at the front desk, Suzie, Mel, Debbie and Maz.

The good news is Women have a higher risk due to their smaller bone mass and the drop in their oestrogen levels after menopause. Some other risk factors for both men and women are:. Ask your doctor about the cause of the fracture. Jodie Wheatley has returned from maternity leave after giving birth to little Georgia now 5 months old.

Jodie is available for appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. Welcome back Jodie. Your bones are always being rebuilt and strengthened in a process which depends on calcium, Vitamin D and some hormones e. As you get older, this rebuilding process slows and your bones can weaken leading to osteoporosis. People with osteoporosis have a high risk of breaking a bone during a fall. A fracture is often the first sign of osteoporosis.

Fractures occur most often in the bones of the spine vertebrae , hip, wrist, ribs and upper arm. Fractures in the bones of the spine can lead to loss of height, changes in posture and spine deformity. Hip fractures can lead to permanent disability and loss of independence. Meet Dr. Samantha Dingwall, who is the new Registrar at HealthOne. A number of residents have already met Dr. Sam, is available for appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays - joining full-time Registrar, Dr. Chris Touma.

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The best way to test for osteoporosis is to measure bone mineral density. Have a healthy diet with plenty of calcium, spend time outside in the sun for vitamin D and do regular exercise to keep your bones and muscles strong. Strong bones and muscles can reduce your risk of falls and fractures. Prevent falls. Calcium builds and strengthens bones.

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The recommended daily intake of calcium for most adults is mg. The recommended daily intake for women over 50 years or past menopause and men aged over 70 years is mg. Dairy foods e. Aim for three serves of low fat dairy foods every day. Some other foods also contain calcium, but in lower amounts e.

Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium and keeps bones strong.

Chapter IV

It also helps keep muscles strong. Vitamin D forms in the skin when it is exposed to ultraviolet B rays from the sun. In summer, most people with fair skin need to expose their face, hands and arms or an equal skin area to the sun for minutes mid-morning or mid-afternoon on most days. In winter they will need up to 30 minutes a day around midday on most days.

Dark skinned people and the elderly need more sun exposure. Some foods contain vitamin D e.

This health update proudly brought to you by your Molong pharmacists Bank St Molong molongpharmacy bigpond. Whilst he studied at the University of Western Sydney and lives in Orange Chris whilst he gently conducts the necessary examination. Chris is available for appointments five days a week.

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  • Right Caroline and Bob with grandchildren Coopah, Marli, Dewk, Sharni and Rikki Long-time resident, Bob Philpott has been one of the best when it comes to contributing his career and time to the building of the Molong and district communities. Quiet, unassuming - Bob is a family man and positive community member who has seen the town and district through both the best times He and his wife best friend - also long-time resident Caroline met in Molong - married, raised their family Damian, Jodie, Katri and 9 grandchildren in the town and community they have been happy and content to call 'home'.

    A small 80th birthday celebration was held at Damian and Sue Philpott's family home. Personal shoppers only. Store limits apply. Limit of 12 per special per customer. Great prices and sensational windows. Purchase a beverage between 10am and 6pm on Friday to receive a ticket.


    Write your name on the ticket and put it in the barrel for a chance to jag the joker. Some restaurants Below: Gloucester variations in between. They were all have always been soil-less environments. In many Australian cities Quartz reported that while the that — but the climate vegetables are being grown rooftop farms utilised sunlight, the crisis poses great hydroponically in modified artificial light used by their indoor challenges.

    Waste remains in the fruit and vegetable industry. Mass production of any commodity leads to gluts and shortages — with consequent fluctuations in prices. The produce is also sold at a premium price, partly reflecting the cost of the real estate on which it is grown, and mainly reaches highend stores and restaurants, putting it out of reach of those who need it most. Although CEAs occupy only 1.

    The Guardian article quoted earlier also questions the economics of small-scale urban farming. It points out that to produce all the food that one average meateating British adult consumes in a year, requires about half a hectare of land. Using Bristol as an example, the city covers 11, hectares, so even if you could farm the entire city, it would feed only 14, of the , residents.

    Using what green space is publicly available now would feed 1,, and just 3, even if they only ate grains. However, the writer concedes that self-sufficiency in specific crops might just be possible. The Guardian notes that conventional agricultural analysts often dismiss ideas involving small-scale, local food production, claiming that present population growth rates mean the world will need 70 per cent more food by , and only large-scale intensive farmingcan achieve that.

    But, the Guardian says, those figures overlook, among other things, the vast wastage in the current system, which in was estimated to be as high as 50 per cent. There could well be a role for more small-scale local production. Giant greenhouses housing hydroponically grown vegetables are burgeoning in Australia, and new technologies will probaby see them increase in number as operating and production costs fall. It produces about 17, tonnes of truss tomatoes a year, which are contracted to Coles supermarket chain.

    The crop is irrigated using seawater pumped from Spencer Gulf and desalinated on-site using the solargenerated electricity. The plant, which employs up to people, changed hands in Statistics from show that in that year there were about greenhouses in Australia and at that time the average size was about 0.

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    However there were other largescale projects on the drawing board when Sundrop was nearing completion. There were already several 30ha sites and at least two of 40ha in the planning stages. Some analysts predict that projects such as these spell the end for open-field production. Climate change, rising production costs and the fact that hydroponically grown crops use 25 per cent less water may see closedsystem producers dominate the industry.

    But none of the systems discussed come without costs, both financial and environmental. Large systems — such as the one at Sundrop — will only be possible if the energy inputs are at the lower end of the price scale and, perhaps even more important, there is a reliable and sustainable source of water.

    The day is not far distant when an Australian Government will have to introduce a carbon levy. Like it or not, such a measure is the only effective and reliable way to reduce emissions in the energy sector. Renewable sources, such as those from solar, wind or types of renewable energy will be necessary to offset this otherwise prohibitive expense. In Australia, water, or the lack of it, is the elephant in the room, never mentioned when planners and developers talk of new cities joined by high-speed rail networks, and decentralisation and expansion of our regional centres.

    Australia is the country that vever has a drought until the next one rolls around. Sundrop has solved this problem with a desalination plant. Desalination also has its environmental costs. Not only is it energy hungry, the effluent from the process is highly saline and disposal or mitigation costs can be high. Our fresh water resources are already under great strain and as our climate becomes even more erratic this strain will only increase. Immediate action on the climate crisis and greatly increased government spending on scientific research are now crucial.

    Across 1. Aviators 6 4. Lump of gold ore 6 8. Entice 5 9.

    Dark Waters (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 3) Dark Waters (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 3)
    Dark Waters (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 3) Dark Waters (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 3)
    Dark Waters (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 3) Dark Waters (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 3)
    Dark Waters (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 3) Dark Waters (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 3)
    Dark Waters (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 3) Dark Waters (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 3)
    Dark Waters (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 3) Dark Waters (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 3)

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