Christmas Spy (Dear Diary...Series Book 8)

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Each title has a host of unique accessibility features to offer cracking reads to more children including reluctant and struggling readers and those with dyslexia or visual stress. Here at Lovereading4kids we are constantly selecting the best of their new and backlist titles to recommend to you. This time the Kidds are in Russia and hot on the trail of some missing masterpieces of the art world. Chapter are short but always full of action, and full of appealing illustrations too.

The Kidds are a fun bunch of people to spend time with and kid readers will feel well and truly part of the action. This is fiction to get even the most reluctant readers avidly turning the pages. Each child has an obvious revolting characteristic and each of their stories is hugely disgusting, richly inventive and cheeringly anarchic. Walliams has created a unique take on the classic cautionary tale. There is a huge emphasis on surreal humour in this book. I hope children around the world will enjoy it, even the most reluctant reader.

These stories are a joy and will have children everywhere reading all summer long. Only David Walliams could deliver such a wonderful book as such a terrific surprise. In a short book of less than 80 pages Malorie Blackman delivers an exciting, incisive story with a credible, interesting central character and powerful message about the importance of taking a stand and fighting for what you believe in. Michela travels through space with her people on an Alliance spaceship commanded by her mother.

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Just what a kind of a person should he pick? This time the wormhole drops all three into , i. Everyone thinks they know what it's like, going to school. But have you ever wondered what life must be like at a boarding school? A school for young offenders? With her trademark humour, insight, sensitivity and razor-sharp wit, Anne Fine explores these different worlds in a short story collection that will fascinate young readers.

With crazy inventions, disappearing socks, half-men half-frogs, a moon chameleon invasion and, of course, plenty of super-sonic bottom burps, this is the gang's most explosive adventure yet! Can they stop an alien invasion in its tracks, or is this actually the end of the world?

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Wimpy Kid fans will love this new boy-diary with a difference. Saddled with the name Timmy Failure, our narrator has clearly been dealt a tough hand. Luckily, he has a perky temperament and is not easily deflected from his ambitions. Timmy founds Total Failure Inc, the best detective agency in town.

Dear Diary Series

Scroll down to read more reviews The boy at the centre of the story — we never learn his name — is poor, lonely and bullied by other children because of his selective mutism. The dog he rescues from a car crash that has killed its owner is subject to its own set of painful compulsions, finding out why is one of the surprises and rewards of the story.

This will absorb readers, from the opening page to its warm, uplifting final line. His life is quite literally an uphill struggle, but his instinct to help others leads him to a healing bond with an extraordinary little dog and ultimately to find his voice again. He doggedly persists until he achieves his goals — working hard to understand what the little dog is trying to communicate to him. The final twist of the story highlights the lightness of touch and humour throughout. I have had a number of different occupations over the last fifty years: A Different Dog draws on many experiences in these fields.

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And of course, it also draws on my own childhood. It was a matter of putting my hand into the lucky dip of my own mind.

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One of the influences on a writer would have to be the books that he or she has read themselves. But somewhere in the back of our minds are tucked the stories we have enjoyed in the past. Of the books that I loved when I was aged between thirteen and fifteen I can think of three which I turn back to and read again and again. They are still readily available more than fifty years later.

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Teenagers and adults love these stories. I still have my old copies and like to look at their torn and worn covers which beckon me from years gone by.

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Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

Christmas Spy (Dear Diary...Series Book 8) Christmas Spy (Dear Diary...Series Book 8)
Christmas Spy (Dear Diary...Series Book 8) Christmas Spy (Dear Diary...Series Book 8)
Christmas Spy (Dear Diary...Series Book 8) Christmas Spy (Dear Diary...Series Book 8)
Christmas Spy (Dear Diary...Series Book 8) Christmas Spy (Dear Diary...Series Book 8)
Christmas Spy (Dear Diary...Series Book 8) Christmas Spy (Dear Diary...Series Book 8)
Christmas Spy (Dear Diary...Series Book 8) Christmas Spy (Dear Diary...Series Book 8)

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