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Little did she know that the man pretending to be a rich merchant was in reality a magician. Next day, Aladdin having packed his belongings left with the 'merchant'.

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After many hours of traveling the 'merchant' stopped. Aladdin too stopped, surprised that they should stop in such a desolate spot.

He looked around; there was nothing in sight for miles. The 'merchant' pulled out some colored powder from his pocket and threw in the ground. The next instant the whole place was filled with smoke. As the smoke cleared, Aladdin saw a huge opening in the ground; it was a cave. The 'merchant' turned to Aladdin and said, "I want you to go inside this cave; there will be more gold than you have ever seen; take as much as you want. You will also see an old lamp; please bring that back to me.

Here, take this ring; it will help you. He lowered himself into the cave, thinking all the while that it would be difficult to climb out without help. Aladdin entered the cave and just like the 'merchant' had said saw gold, jewelry, diamonds and other valuables. He filled his pockets. When this was done, he looked for the lamp; it was lying in the corner, full of dust and dirty.

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He picked it up and ran to the cave's opening and shouted to the 'merchant', "I have your lamp. Can you please pull me out?

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Aladdin was not sure that he would be pulled out if he gave back the lamp; so he said, "First, please pull me out. With a loud cry, he pulled out the same colorful powder and threw it on the cave opening, sealing it with a huge boulder. Aladdin was depressed. He thought, "That was no rich merchant; he was surely a magician. I wonder why this lamp was so important to him. All of sudden a strange mist filled the room and from the mist emerged a stranger looking man.

He said, "My master, I am the genie of the lamp, you have rescued me; what would your wish be? Take me back home. He told her of the magician and the lamp.

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Aladdin again summoned the genie. This time when the genie appeared he was not scared. He said, "Genie, I want a palace, not an old hut. Time passed. Aladdin married the Sultan's daughter and was very happy.

The Arabian Nights: One Thousand and One Nights “Aladdin’s Lamp” Summary and Analysis | GradeSaver

It so happened that the evil magician got to know of Aladdin's good fortune. He came by Aladdin's palace pretending to exchange old lamps for new. The rags-to-riches story of a street urchin named Aladdin who asks a genie in a lamp to make him a prince is a work of fantasy.

And yet, some scholars say the central character could be partly inspired by a real person. In the past, credit for telling the tale of Aladdin has often gone to Antoine Galland, a scholar and diplomat who served as a secretary to the French ambassador to Constantinople in the 17th century. One Thousand and One Nights started as a series of translations of an incomplete manuscript of a medieval Arabic story collection that dated back to the late 14th century, says Muhsin J.

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  6. Between and , Galland published seven volumes, comprising about 40 tales spread over nights of storytelling. But, though those tales were of medieval origin, Aladdin may be a more recent invention. Scholars have not found a manuscript of the story that predates the version published in by Galland, who wrote in his diary that he first heard the tale from a Syrian storyteller from Aleppo named Hanna Diyab on May 8, Over a series of one-on-one meetings, Diyab told Galland the story of Aladdin, in addition to other now-famous tales such as Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

    Scholars have seen a mix of different places in the Aladdin story.

    What is Aladdin and the Magic Lamp About?

    Arafat A. Razzaque, a research associate at the Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge, points out that early Arabic descriptions of an exotic, faraway land were often about China. We came up with a few alternates. Though Galland never credited Diyab in his published translations of the Arabian Nights stories, Diyab wrote something of his own: a travelogue penned in the midth century. In it, he recalls telling Galland the story of Aladdin. In that memoir, Diyab describes his own hard-knocks upbringing and the way he marveled at the extravagance of Versailles.

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